Monday, July 27, 2009

East Village Secret Garden

Some of the most interesting things about researching and viewing properties are the places you didn't know you would see.

Here's a spectacular roof-top garden tucked away along West Grand Avenue in East Village. This is mostly a concrete jungle with old grungy building facades.... which makes this more fascinating.

We were looking at a 3rd floor new construction two bedroom, two bathroom condo with garage parking at the 1800 W block of Grand. The condo was actually really spacious, modern and well finished at $399K. We peeked at the neighbors garden from the back deck.

East Village and Ukrainian Village real estate markets have been hit as hard as most "third ring" neighborhoods just outside downtown and the longer gentrified and core neighborhoods. But it offers an opportunity to create your own spaces or to purchase some very cool contemporary properties a short commute away from your elusive high paying gig in the Loop. The neighborhoods have a quiet, sometimes understated industrial feel that appeals to hipsters, artists and those looking for a custom home for half the price or more than Lincoln Park. And look at those roof-top gardens!

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