Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Open House Sunday: Wrigleyville Roof Deck Madness in Lakeview

Open House Sunday 7/19/09 from 1PM to 3PM

Top floor Wrigleyville condo in Lakeview with south views of downtown from your roof top deck.

Asking $515,000

Madness? Maybe. But a top floor condo with private roof top deck in Wrigleyville is my kind of lifestyle (if I were single with no kids....oh well. Or maybe you're married and just cooler than me).
My partner Julie and I are selling 3531 N Wilton in Wrigleyville. Please view a description of the property HERE

This is an extra wide lay-out with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a dramatic entrance staircase with foyer and wide hallway. The effect of the openness entering the home is aesthetically pleasing. Attached garage too!

Killer kitchen.

Keep that gluteus maximus in shape! It's a walk up.


Alan said...

Dont forget to mention the train is across the street. Typical agent...

Eric Rojas said...

Thanks for the compliment "Alan". I've been called worse than "typical".
The unit is on the east side of Wilton. The train runs behind the buildings on the west side of Wilton.
So, you could do worse.
If Alan read on to the next post, I had been mentioned in a redeye article about living on the elevated tracks which is preference and can also save money.
Wrigley Field is also a couple blocks away which could be a nuisance for some more than the train.

Alan's probably a Sox fan.

Alan said...

I actually live on Mildred (next parrallel east of wilton) and have no problem with the proximity of the train (although not as close). I also read the red eye article - i get it My point is that realtors should reference that so that clients dont show up and waste their time. I'm a huge cubs fan.

Eric Rojas said...

Hi Alan,
I would have appreciated your second comment rather the "typical" comment as you can imagine.

My blog post is designed to create interest for those looking for Wrigleyville roof-top decks. You're right, some people might show up and realize they can't deal with the train on the other side of the street. However, a decent Realtor or a buyer that is concerned with train noise can see it on a map or ask about the noise.

I don't (and certainly my clients don't) want to discourage showings. There is a huge difference with a train running behind a unit on the west side of Wilton and this top floor condo on the east side. And, someone may decide the noise is not bad and save a little money over a unit just another block over.

When someone calls for a showing, I actually ask them some questions if they are familiar with the neighborhood, are they working with a Realtor, are they working with a mortgage broker etc... I just don't show up.

Our MLS listing description (which feeds to Trulia.com, Realtor.com etc and is linked in the post) actually references this is "not on the train" side... therefor, referencing the train itself. I agree the best agents put the most information out there, but the train is very subjective.

My blog is my way of providing niche information and getting keyword search results (which I kill for Lakeview roof top decks and similar key words).

Now, please get a sweep this weekend. The owner of this unit is a Cardinal's fan!