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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Photos from Bowmanville Garden Walk and Fund-raiser

Jillian, Ryne and I enjoyed our afternoon in Bowmanville last weekend. We walked across Foster Avenue and took in the Annual Garden Walk for the Bowmanville Community Organization and were hosted graciously by current neighborhood residents (and former clients) at a backyard cook-out.

Several of the participants offered drinks and food at each stop. It was really a pleasant afternoon. What a way to get to know a neighborhood.

This train was not a part of the walk... but I could not resist the discovery...

Our favorite stop pictured below. This is a backyard of a long time town-home development. Its one of my best-buy picks for the North Side in terms of quality of life, size, flexibility and price. Yes, a town-home with a backyard.

Don't forget to pick up a "green friendly" Bowmanville Community Organization shopping bag to reuse for local grocery and retail shopping. Say no to plastic!

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