Thursday, August 25, 2011

Northcenter single family house rentals in high demand, homes rented way up

 I recently showed a Northcenter single family home rental in Coonley school district on the block pictured below to our client.

 More than ever we are getting requests from customers and clients to rent a single family home.  Many people are calling on our home sale listings asking to lease them.  With many job relocations in and out of Chicago, the demand is very high to rent houses from our perspective. Many clients have families and desire a single family home rental for two to three years rather than an attached home.

*28 Northcenter single family homes (3 bedrooms minimum) were rented in the last 12 months with rents from $2,100 per month to $7,000 per month.  Most had very quick rental market times under two weeks, many with market times a week or under before rented.

*In all of 2010, Northcenter only saw 5 single family homes rented (minimum three bedrooms) and recorded in the MLS.

*Currently, there are only three "3" bedrooms homes offered for rent in Northcenter.  Two are luxury single family homes listed over $7,500 a month.  The middle range of $3,000 to $4,000 for a house is in very high demand and inventory scarce.

Data pulled and analyzed from, from which I'm a member.  There are a number of private party rentals not recorded on the MLS, however, the MLS is a great indicator of market activity over-all.

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