Tuesday, December 27, 2011

East vs West: Lincoln Park home sale prices

We often have our Lincoln Park buyers ask us to look for homes "east of Halsted Street" or in "East Lincoln Park". East Lincoln Park features both vintage and modern homes, unique architecture dating from the late 1800s and gets you closer to the lake.  It is also located in the Abraham Lincoln Elementary School District- a coveted Chicago Public School.

139 detached homes and row houses sold in Lincoln Park this year as of December 27th.  The median price is about $1,250,500.

About 50 homes sold east of North Halsted Street with a median price of about $1,600,000.

About 89 homes sold west of North Halsted Street with a median price about $1,150,000.

 So, the median price of homes in eastern Lincoln Park (east of North Halsted Street) is about $450,000 higher than west of North Halsted. If you go west of  Halsted you can get, on average, a newer or more updated home for a little less money.  However the atmosphere and architecture becomes more unique the closer you get to the lake... and people are willing to pay a premium. Additionally, the top rated public and private schools (Latin, Francis Parker etc..) in Lincoln park are for the most part located east of Halsted.

St. James Place in eastern Lincoln Park near the lake.  Row homes are more typical.

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