Wednesday, December 14, 2011

School shake-up in Lincoln Park

The Lincoln Park Community Area is one of the top three sought after areas in Chicago for home buyers in our experience. With popularity comes problems too.  I received an update today from the 43rd Ward Alderman's office on the proposed solutions to Abraham Lincoln Elementary school overcrowding.  And look out! If you think there is grumbling, opposition and craziness to the recent large development plans around the neighborhood...just mess with a parent's school.

Google Street View of Abraham Lincoln Elementary

The plan would "shrink" the attendance boundaries of Lincoln Elementary to West Armitage Avenue and place new attending students living south of Armitage in the La Salle Language Academy.

Schools are the most important factor (initially anyway) to the majority of our single family and multi-unit buyers.  We watch this closely.  Most feel desired public schools will positively impact their property values and quality of life (if they have kids or not). This controversy notwithstanding there are many more great CPS school choices on the North Side than at any time I can remember.  Parents and neighbors have really stepped up and helped talented local school principals create terrific environments. Check out and help support various local may be surprised.

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Lincoln Park street
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