Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pawar's Grow 47 to bring TIF money to Chappell Elementary, local schools

 "$2 million in TIF funding for Amundsen High School, Chappell Elementary and McPherson Elementary" 47th Ward Alderman's office

Eliza Chappell Elementary front doors at Foster and Leavitt

Chappell and McPherson Elementary schools along with Amundsen High School in the Ravenswood neighborhood service our local block club area (Damen to Western, Lawrence to Foster). We received the above update from Alderman Ameya Pawar's 47th Ward office last week about significant $2 million in TIF funds being committed to our local public schools. 

The announcement includes major CPS funding for needed Bell and Coonley expansions in addition to funds for several other 47th Ward schools.  My family is in the Chappell school boundaries district, thus the focus here. You can read some early coverage of Grow 47 school initiative at Center Square Journal.

Chappell has increased measurable and "intangible" academic performance over the past 5 years under the current school principal.  The school has been recognized by the State of Illinois for performance goals and has increased neighborhood enrollment and added major infrastructure. Local parents are forming a "friends of" group, volunteering and organizing for the school in conjunction with many administrative improvements.  The parents, teachers and new funds will help make Chappell the new "Bell", "Coonley" , "Blaine" and "Nettlehorst" school of choice.

Ryne getting ready for another day at Chappell Pre-K

The playground at Chappell...the school is located on the attractive Winnemac Park "campus". 
For a parents perspective on Chappell or to join the Winnemac Park Neighbors update email list, please email Please contact Chappell School for a tour or open house.

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