Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Old Town penthouse rented in one week

The actual view from the roof deck at 1438 N Wieland. Photo by Eric Rojas, Real Estate Broker

Helping clients rent out their homes (or finding a rental home for themselves) is an enjoyable part of our business.  We work with landlords on the abundant paperwork to ensure they are in compliance with the City of Chicago. We also help clients look for a rental home optimal for their situation. It is truly exciting advising landlords and tenants of their options and then getting the job done.

The formal living room looking east. photo
We recently represented the out-of-state landlord on renting out their Old Town penthouse home this month.  The listing was on less than a week when we secured a qualified tenant. Working with out of town landlords, respecting the current tenants, qualifying and working with potential tenants and monitoring the property when listed takes balance patience and professionalism to all parties. The result is top rental dollar and a great tenant.  Click HERE to view the photos and information at 1438 N Wieland #2.

To view quality rentals or work with us as your brokers, please contact Eric Rojas, Realtor and Real Estate Broker, from the right side bar contact information.  All photos Eric Rojas and Bob DePalma unless otherwise noted.

The tony Old Town Wieland Street has a NYC feel...just a half block west of Wells Street.

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Joe Zekas said...

I flipped a foreclosure on Wieland years ago - when the street had more termites than probably any other in the city.

Big changes!