Saturday, January 28, 2012

2007-2011 Lincoln Park "two bedrooms" condo sales decline (non high-rise)

 The number of two bedrooms condo unit sales declined from 451 in the year 2007 to 193 units sold last year in 2011.  Will we see unit sales turn around in 2012?

We wrote in December that we were getting more requests now from condo buyers than in the past few years.  Here's a look condo sales classified as "two bedrooms" in Lincoln Park for buildings 36 units or less.

193 "two bedrooms" condos closed on our MLS in Lincoln Park for the entire year of 2011. The median price was about $359,000.  42 of those condos sold for under $300,000.  

The highest sale in 2011 was $675,000 for a new construction two beds, two baths with full roof deck at 2041 N Racine #3.   The lowest sale was $143,000...a two beds, two baths "cash only" foreclosure offering at 1434 W Fullerton Unit A.

2010:  220 two bedrooms condos sold in 2010, median price of $394,000.
2009:  243 two bedrooms condos sold in 2009, median price of $390,000.
2008:  303 two bedrooms condos sold in 2008, median price of $420,000
2007:  451 two bedrooms condos sold in 2007, median price of $420,000

Lincoln Park 2520 new, large development closings will help the 2012 over-all sales numbers

We helped find some nice condo deals last year.  Please contact us for buyer, multi-units or houses.  All photos and statistical analysis Eric Rojas, Realtor. Sales statistics gathered from
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