Monday, January 16, 2012

Lincoln Square two-flat sells, buyers not wasting any time

A dumpster full of old material sits in front of a recently sold two-flat in Lincoln Square.The owners are wasting no time improving their investment.

I was out with buyers this past weekend and we had little compelling to look at this moment. However, we expect swift competition for well priced properties in 2012. Single family homes and two-flats have already sold quickly in January when either new to the market AND priced right or the priced was changed significantly to reflect  market values.  The only thing keeping sales numbers seasonably low in January is the fact that few list their properties in January.


Anonymous said...

According to Redfin, that property is contngent. Odd that someone is already doing work.

Eric Rojas said...

It is a bit odd. Our MLS shows the listing brokergae put the property Contingent (under contract) on January 9th. I saw the truck drop off the dumpster on Saturday (5 days later). Who knows what relationship or deal the buyers or sellers have?

Just an FYI, Redfin is fed property status information from MLS (Redfin is a nice site, but it's a real estate brokerage site that gets information from or other local Multiple Listing Services and public data).

The best data is from the MLS. These third party sites than take the data and add their own tricks and features etc...