Sunday, October 27, 2013

New in-fill construction next to On The Route bike shop in Lakeview

I took a quick shot of rare new construction on the the commercial stretch of North Lincoln Avenue between West Belmont and West Wellington.  This section has had its ups and downs.  Several retail and business staples have been on the stretch for years like On the Route Bicycles, The Peace School, and the Church of Scientology.  Seriously.

Google street view of 3140 N Lincoln in the middle. 

But restaurants have had a harder time in general.  This building at 3140 N Lincoln above had several incarnations. It was sold as a foreclosure for $438,000 in a cash deal early this year and put out of its misery.  I have not seen the plans but the new building will most likely be three condo units with ground floor retail.

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