Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Streeterville real estate Lock Box H*LL!

Few have visited this room and have survived to tell about it.

It's Halloween season and I thought I'd share a very scary tale. When showing condos and rentals in Streeterville and other downtown locations it is common to receive keys from the professional door staff.  Often, city listing agents are not present for these showings (this is a more common practice in high-rise buildings than in most other North Side city properties where both buyers and listing agents are typically present).

Once-in-a-while you get sent to the "lock box room".  The lock box room is jammed with luggage and utility carts.  Often, keys are not marked in the lock boxes.  You must devise a system to replace them accordingly or be damned by calls from Realtors who don't attend their showings.

On this day I was to pick up 4 sets of keys.  Often times the lock boxes are jammed because there are too many keys in the box or the Cabo San Lucas key chain with the tequila bottle doesn't fit.  Sometimes when you get the keys and arrive at the door the keys don't work.  

Tragically, many a rookie agent enters the lock box room never to be heard from again.


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