Sunday, January 05, 2014

House sales on North Greenview in Graceland West

North Greenview Avenue in the Graceland West neighborhood of Lakeview offers a mix of contemporary, traditional and vintage homes that seem to work just fine together (all photos Eric Rojas, Real Estate Broker)

Corner lot home on North Greenview and Berteau

The 4000 to 4400 blocks of North Greenview (in what's commonly know as the West Graceland neighborhood of Lakeview) offer some of the most uniquely attractive single family homes on the North Side.  The mix of new and vintage homes on interesting lots is worth a visit for real estate buffs.  After one stroll down these blocks you will know you are in a special community.

Corner lot home on North Greenview and Berteau

Home sales in general do quite well in desirable West Graceland.  18 homes sold in the neighborhood in 2013 with a median price of over $1,100,000.  North Greenview, with its long stretch of unique and sophisticated homes, had 9 of the 18 sales.

Original home at 4158 N Greenview

9 houses have closed and 2 are currently under contract over the last 12 months on North Greenview.  The median price of a closed house on these 4 blocks of Greenview for 2013 was about $900,000.  5 out of the 7 highest sales in Graceland West this year were on North Greenview,

The highest sale on North Greenview in Graceland West for 2013 was 4223 N Greenview  closed at $2,840,000.

The lowest sale was 4341 N Greenview, a modest three bedrooms one full and one half-bath, for $599,000 cash.

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