Saturday, January 25, 2014

View Chicago building permits, crime, potholes (and such): Chicago Data Portal

If you're a nosy neighbor and curious about a construction building site (single family home, commercial etc..) or pot hole fillings last week go to the City of Chicago Data Portal.

5011 N Oakley shown here (well, it use to be here) has a building permit for renovation, new second story and back decks at an estimated $130,000. I looked it up using the City of Chicago Data Portal. Photo Eric Rojas, Real Estate Broker at Kale Realty
The data portal for building permits is located direct at this link.  I often look up information when clients have questions about development near a property they are interested in for example.  As neighbors we look up the developer permits to make sure they are within the scope of their project.  Recently, neighbors halted work on house with an "interior renovation permit" for estimated $80,000.  The house was suddenly torn down without permit and neighbors stopped the project.

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