Saturday, January 04, 2014

East Village single family homes sales up 45% in 2013 (up 128% over 2011)

Modern design enthusiasts are at home in East Village (Photo Dec 2013 Eric Rojas Real Estate Broker).
We've been working with a client looking for a single family home in the East Village neighborhood of West Town. The single family home prices rebounded along with most of the Chicago market. The area is hip and welcomes modern architecture and style.  As with many city neighborhoods purchasing a single family home is competitive.

East Village Single Family Home Sales in 2013 

64 homes closed in 2013. That's up 45% over 2012. The unit sales are up 128% year to year over 2011.  The median price for 2013 in East Village was $715,000. The median in 2012 was about $641,000.

East Village boundaries
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The highest sale by far for 2013 was 1019 N Wolcott for $2,075,000.  The former bathhouse was converted into a contemporary masterpiece on one of the best East Village blocks.

The lowest priced single family home sale was a steal at $203,796 at 1632 West Ohio.  The all cash deal was bought in September by an active developer in the area.  A modern "sustainable" new build is probable and maybe even built by now!

2011 - 28 homes closed with a median price of $565,000
2010 - 22 homes closed with a median price of $575,000
2009 - 21 homes closed with a median price of $650,000

We represent condo and single family home buyers and sellers in East Village and other West Town neighborhoods.

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