Monday, February 03, 2014

Gorgeous properties and unique lots in West Andersonville, Ravenswood

A huge and gorgeous corner lot at West Carmen and North Ravenswood (the house isn't too shabby either). Photos Eric Rojas, Real Estate Broker at Kale Realty

I snapped a few photos last week on a sunny day along North Ravenswood Avenue. The 1700 block of West Carmen is located in the western edge of greater Uptown community area of Chicago.  The location is associated with both Ravenswood and more recently Andersonville (due to it's proximity to the popular retail and restaurant stretch on North Clark Street).

Many blocks like this one that feed into North Ravenswood Avenue feature some unique lots and houses.  You may see large lots, railroad embankment public gardens, converted industrial spaces, new construction houses or timeless Victorians.

A very rare large multi-lot property in Ravenswood/ Andersonville.  The really cool country modern house sits on property at least 5 city lots across.

All photos, Eric Rojas Real Estate Broker at Kale Realty
This attractive, cheery renovation sits on the northwest corner of Carmen and Ravenswood as well.
These homes and lots are a good example of the character you'll see in Ravenswood / Andersonville.

Five properties have sold over the last 24 months on the 1600 to 1800 block of West Carmen.  Closing prices ranged from $255,000 for a tear-down house to $1,050,000 for a gut renovated all brick single family home.  There a are a few recent privately built luxury homes on the two blocks as well that would sell in today's market for over $1,100,000.

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