Friday, February 28, 2014

Modern surprises in West Edgewater/ Andersonville

I was taking a look at recently sold houses and potential developments for a client in West Edgewater near Andersonville.  The area between North Ravenswood Avenue and West Ashland Avenue and West Foster Avenue and West Peterson Avenue offers both a lot of potential and surprises.

The 25' x 108' lot (and original house) at 1676 W Hollywood in Edgewater was bought
at the now ridiculous price of  $159,000 in 2011. 
I like the simple and modern new house built by the owners. Kudos!

Just across the street an owner got creative themselves and made a modern statement out of this small one story property.

Homes in this area are steps away from the creative and lively Andersonville neighborhood.  The area has a spattering of modern design. I  feel it's on the verge for another boon of new construction and eclectic home renovations. Although I like to see smaller home options for smaller budgets too, the single housing stock here is ripe with smaller original frame properties that need expansion, renovation or tear down. The demand of today's mid to higher range buyer looking at Andersonville as their long term home is strong.

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