Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Photos! "New" Red Lion English Pub under construction in Lincoln Park

Ongoing construction of the new Red Lion English Pub building at 2446 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago IL 60614. Let us pray it maintains some level of maturity and quirkiness as the old place (Photo Bob DePalma, Real Estate Broker).

The Red Lion was my favorite pub in Chicago for many years.  In the infant days of our marriage, I would head over to the Red Lion at 11pm on a week night and have a couple pints while waiting for my wife to get off her nursing shift at Children's Memorial on Lincoln Avenue. If she was running late?  No worries. Bass and Newcastle were my beers over conversation.

I wasn't big on taking a lot of pictures in those days and regretfully do not have any photos of us in the original building. We loved looking out the front picture window on a snowy Chicago night.

Eater Chicago had a report on the construction and opening back in 2013.  The target opening date for the new Red Lion was to be February of this year.  Rick Kogan from the Chicago Tribune wrote this piece in September 2013 with a May target date for the new pub.


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