Thursday, March 19, 2015

Realtor at work: Meeting contractors in Lakeview to save the view

Our clients installed a new flat roof and City permitted cedar roof deck prior to listing their home. However, the buyer's lender required another railing installed as a condition of the buyer's loan. The sellers thought it very reasonable relative to the over-all sale.
We met with contractors in the Lakeview neighborhood this morning at one of our recent listings. A hand-railing must be installed on the roof deck as a condition of the sale. We often advise our clients on renovations and repairs prior to and during a transaction.  We also meet with contractors and manage the process in replace of the home owner (saving them time and money).

In this case the rail issue was brought up by the buyer's lender (during the property appraisal). We quickly brought in a long time contractor relationship who matched up the rail and installed within a week of the lender request. 

The new railing was installed in a few hours this morning!
We help our clients make sound decisions when considering selling or buying a home. Our combined experience and on-site management can help save time and money before, during and after a home sale or purchase.

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