Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Where's Jerry? Lincoln Square Jerry's Sandwiches yet to break ground

A new Jerry's Sandwiches location was hoping to open in the high profile Fountain View building location on Giddings Plaza, Lincoln Square by spring / June. (All photos Eric Rojas, Broker, Kale Realty).
All is quiet at the proposed Jerry's Sandwiches location at 4739 N Lincoln Avenue, Chicago IL 60625.   A handful of high profile Lincoln Square restaurants have taken their sweet time to materialize - or fizz out - after initial announcements. Roots Pizza anyone? 

It's understandable that "issues" delay openings... but people get really pumped up around here when well known entities contemplate moving into the neighborhood. They want gratification!  It looks like Jerry's Sandwiches will take a little more time too.

The attractive storefront overlooking the plaza... the final piece yet to be realized to an amazing European city center atmosphere. The space is still a vacant "box". Should be a Jerry's!

It could have been a Flatbred! Whew.
Condo sales in Fountain View
On a related note the price tag to live above quality sandwiches and gelato at the 2326 W Giddings condo building ain't cheap. Median price of the last three two bedrooms, two bathrooms is about $414,000.

I have a couple emails in to sources close to Jerry's and hope to get an update.  Feel free to email me direct as well (comments moderated).
UPDATE 3/26/15: 47th Ward office states the restaurant is still in "permitting process and working through some things with the city.  No known timeline for an opening yet.

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