Saturday, January 09, 2016

High-end North Hermitage Avenue in Ravenswood gets... higher-end

A new double lot house pops on the right next to a recently built high-end double lot house on the 4400 block of North Hermitage.
I wrote about this block and the house on the left back in 2012 when you could get a lot for a song. A new double-lot house is going up at about 4437 N Hermitage.  I don't believe there is a recent sale of the property but rather current owners developing with a $3.9M mortgage taken out to build.The block is considerably high-end and features some very nice looking houses.

Developed new construction homes on the block have sold for well over $1.5M to the market. These custom double lot homes have yet to come on as a re-sale and will fetch in tbe $3 and $4 million range.  

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