Friday, January 08, 2016

Top 10 winter bike riding tips from the Chainlink, YOU CAN DO IT

I'm inching toward more winter riding... but probably won't be this guy any time soon! Photo from my perch at the Wilson/ Lincoln Starbucks in Lincoln Square. The snow rolled in fast!
The has winter riding tips for you an me. I mention from time to time I ride my bike for errands and work appointments whenever I can.  Some may not find it "professional" if I roll up to a showing on my bike but SO WHAT...LOL.  Riding (and walking) the neighborhoods for work and personal errands is one the top reasons our large family lives in the city. This past summer I took several trips from Lincoln Square to Lincoln Park for showings and inspections (I was a "little" sweaty once).

Best tip: Take it easy cheesy.

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