Friday, March 30, 2018

News you can use: Chicago condo owners keep privacy

From time to time important life quality issues develop around condo association rules, by-laws and Illinois condo law. Smoking, rentals, pets and privacy are just a handful of issues where laws and rules can change while you are part of condo association.  I've lived in several condo buildings and deal with associations on a daily basis working with clients. Knowing your rights as a condo owner is job one!

The Chicago City Council has won back some privacy for city condo owners.  A new Illinois law for 2018 requires a condo association to provide an owner's email and phone number at the request of another owner in the association (now, a letter to the owner's address is adequate communication).  Chicago has said "not so fast" and requires an association to opt in to the Illinois condo law with a 3/4 owner vote. 

Read more about the Illinois law and Chicago ordinance at Crain's Chicago Business.

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