Monday, March 19, 2018

Request "No Parking" signs for your Chicago move

Don't forget to request "No Parking" signs for your moving truck when preparing for your move.
Last week I picked up and posted "No Parking" signs on behalf of my home selling client.  She was out of town and needed to post signs for her moving truck several days in advance of her move today.  You may request courtesy "No Parking" through your Alderman's office for your moving truck. These signs usually do the trick for residential streets. They should be posted 48-72 hours ahead of your move.

You may also  apply for official, enforceable no parking signs with CDOT.  Here's an example of instructions from the 47th Ward office.  In this case I was able to post the no parking signs in front of a friend's house and troll him as a bonus. 

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