Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Cubs Chatter II: When Technology Attacks

All day on, talk radio and the news, the Cubs marketing brass slobbered over the fact that Wrigley Field and the Cubs are the first team in baseball to employ wireless technology on the field. The land line phones have been replaced by basic cell phones with two way calling. I guess the irony is, in case you don't have a pulse, being in the Cubs have some of the oldest traditions in one of the oldest parks, yet are the first in this tech category.

So, basically, the bullpen calls will be made with cell phones with two way calling technology provided by Motorola (I know this because it was mentioned 8 million times... think that's part of the deal?).

The Cub's broadcasters on CSN and WGN 720 also interviewed the Cub's John McDonough (I think) who has a lot to do with the gentle changing of Wrigley about the new gizmo (guys.. it's wireless technology, we get it).

The best was listening to Dave Otto and Ol' McDonough wax poetic about being technologically disadvantaged and how cool the little ring tone is that the phone uses.

This is the big story? How 'bout spending the time, energy and and money on some players so we win a couple games. What me bitter?

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