Friday, June 30, 2006

Sailing Lake Michigan: Another kind of real estate

Thanks everyone for enjoying our first
client sailing event!

Okay, the evening started off picture perfect
before unraveling into a bit of a farce.
But I digress. In an effort to cling to my
clients' loyalty, a couple associates and I
decided it would be a good idea to take them
sailing. It was a good idea. The wine and beer were good ideas too... took the sting out of the
thunderstorm that blew in.

Although we were not able to make the Navy Pier fireworks show, we were treated to some very impressive lightening bolts... you can't pay for that kind of entertainment folks!

Big thank you to Chicago Sailing Club for their accommodating spirit, fun attitude and skills. They were able to get us set on course for a nice sail before having to turn back... but everyone really enjoyed the chance to sail by the skyline. If you have not been out on the lake, I really encourage you to contact Chicago Sailing Club at the link above and charter a trip. Groups may also race each other on smaller boats with the help of a sailing guide.

What can I say... fun night with some great clients.

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