Sunday, June 25, 2006

Writing a strong offer

Sometimes all you can do is put all your cards on the table. When you are reaching for that perfect property but know you can only afford so much... that's okay. Let's go for it. I'll write a good offer.

But this is no time for screwing around. We're gonna be at least $15,000 under list on a great place that just hit the market. But you want it... so how high can you go?

Great, we figured that number out. So let's put it together, come with your best shot; we'll give them their close date, we'll give them their mortgage commitment date, no sale contingencies, no riders or addendums to the contract, you have a pre-approval from a good lender and a Chicago real estate attorney lined up, and your a nice couple willing to work with the sellers needs. Most important, you'll come with your top sales price and the most earnest money you can come up with.

I'll present the offer and make you look like a sure thing... because you are. But to get that steal, you can't be cute. You must give them your "last and best" and put the decision in the seller's hands.

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