Saturday, June 17, 2006

Killer CTA

Late, late, late! Dirty, noisy, insufficient!
What are the adjectives my wife uses to describe me?

No, No. If this were Jeapordy! the answer in the form of a question would read, "How do I feel about the CTA lately. Look, it doesn't do my business any good trashing our public transportation ssytem, but lately I've just had it.

I wrote earlier that I have not really noticed any problem caused by the Brown Line rennovation and expansion. But on two occassions recently, Brown Line trains either stopped running north bound without the CTA people notifying all the paying customers waiting on the platform (30 minutes!) or delays have been nuts... again with no notification. What the hell is going on?

And buses... is it me or are there more of them spitting out nasty exhaust lately? I really need to find a group dedicated to getting these buses to change to electric motors or something. For instance, city buses have no need to reach high speeds... so isn't there an electric engine out threre that can move a bus at 30-40 mph? We have to start phasing these in.
I mean, the smog from buses is such that I cant even open the sun roof when I get behind one of those things. Now that's a tragedy.

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