Saturday, June 17, 2006

Never fear North Avenue again

The City will replace the exsiting North Avenue bridge at the Chicago River with a four lane, sleeker style passage. This is a God send for Realtors trying to get from Lincoln Park to Bucktown at 5PM. Now, if they can only replace the bridges at Division, Chicago....

The Tribune reports:
"Chicago, which loves the charming steel drawbridges that dot the city but hates the bottlenecks they sometimes cause, will soon have a dramatic new span that will ease passage over the Chicago River at North Avenue."

City Transportation Department engineer John Yonan shows a drawing of the replacement North Avenue bridge Friday. (Picture, JOHN H. WHITE/SUN-TIMES)

Now, you can shop at the Container Store and Crate and Barrel leave and drive west without packing an overnight bag.

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