Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Buying condos in West Loop

Here's a couple shots right outside 843 W Adams, a concrete loft building in Chicago's West Loop. As a life long North Side guy, I still get excited spending time in and around the Loop.

West Loop in this particular location just west of Halsted Street keeps that foggy, gritty metropolis feeling. But, it's really a livable neighborhood with Greek Town, grocery stores, fine dining, coffee shops, small retail etc... close by. The main draw is it's close to your work downtown.

Looking east down West Adams towards downtown. I just feel cooler here than in my hood.

A one bedroom, one bathroom concrete loft unit with a large terrace will run you $250K to start plus about $25K for garage parking. I particularly like the 843 W Adams building... well run and larger units. Great location.

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