Thursday, January 17, 2008

Why You Should Buy the First Chicago Condo You See

If I know what you're really looking for... and you know what you're really looking for... and you "like like" it (not just like it)... make an offer please.
That's the reason we went to look at the place right? It's what you wanted and I only show the good stuff.

I have had two clients in this early 2008 find condos in Lakeview and Ravenswood that sold out from under them. One in three days on the market. They were the first places we looked at together. "There must be better places out there... right?" Not always.

Of course it doesn't always happen this way. But I really believe love at first site with a condo will turn out better than love at first site with a relationship.

photo by this guy

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Anonymous said...

I agree with your post. Sometimes people tend to think shopping means looking at everything and making a decision. Not always true. Sometimes looking too much tend to confuse or make people regret the things they lost when they passed it up. I believe shopping is shopping, but going with your gut is the way to go because if your instinct says it's good, you won't have second thoughts later on. I just know from experience. When I see something I like, I jump on it because I know I won't regret it.