Saturday, January 19, 2008

Buy the Best Sandwich in Lakeview 60657, then Buy a Condo

It's cold. When I lived at Seminary and Wellington in Lakeview and it was this cold out Panes Bread Café was waiting around the corner. Although I eat here year round, it’s at its best in the winter for the warm bread and soup.

Panes is located in a terrific southern Lakeview spot among many housing and entertainment options. This stretch of North Sheffield between West Belmont and West Diversey has any number of coffee, dining, drinking and transportation options.

The typical new or recent construction two bed, two bath condo with garage parking and a terrace along North Sheffield will run about $450,000. Of course, there are many varieties of housing and a comfortable home in this location can be had for less.

Recently, rather large three bedroom, three bathroom new construction duplex downs have sold for $750,000. Besides the Panes Bread Café, you are walking distance to the CTA Belmont Red Line stop, the Wellington Brown Line stop, Vaughn’s Pub, Soprano’s Italian Restaurant, the new Kirkwood sports bar and restaurant, Fixx and Starbucks coffee shops and several higher quality salons and spas. This and more in a four block stretch.

In the immediate two blocks to the west of the busier Sheffield stretch a well appointed single family home will start near $850,000 and up. This is one of the more pleasant and fun residential areas to live in Chicago.

Go to Panes for a warm sandwich and soup and then buy a condo or house within walking distance to everything. It's cold and you'll thank me.


Anonymous said...

Panes is great but don't miss Uncle Sammy's (who also delivers for free) a few blocks south on Fullerton where they literally pull hot bread and brownies out of the oven moments before making your sandwich with it. What a great neighborhood Lakeview/Lincoln Park has become--we just moved here and love it!

Eric Rojas said...

I may go tomorrow... thanks for the tip!