Friday, January 04, 2008

A Chicagoan's Anxiety at Jewel

Photo from Bill

I was at my local North Center Jewel tonight picking up bread, milk, bananas… (you know) when I suddenly realized I began to get anxious as I approached the check-out. And then it hit me… I don’t want to answer those two questions.

“Do you have a Jewel card today?”

“Are you interested in our Xtreme Value buy?”

I haven’t had a Jewel card since my wallet was stolen over four years ago from the YMCA on Lincoln and Belmont. Every time I’m asked this question I feel like a second class citizen for not having one. Then I feel like a charity case when they put their number in for me.

And maybe if they had an Xtreme Value that wasn’t “Triple Stuffed Oreos with Caffeine Added!”, I might buy it.

Hey Jewel, drop the riot act already. In fact, I went through it twice today (earlier at the Jewel on Southport while buying stamps).

Then I found THIS story.

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