Sunday, August 08, 2010

August hotter than July for our Chicago home sales

The hazy heat can't stop us!

Although it was 90 degrees and 99% humidity in July, Bob and I are creating even hotter traffic in August. Our showings have increased already in August since basically crawling through July. Although we did sell a few homes quickly and write purchase contracts in July with our clients, we're poised for more activity this late summer and fall season.

We have advised several clients to get their homes on the market now, or, just after the Labor Day weekend. We still want them to take advantage of low interest rates for potential buyers (below 5% for most of our clients and those buying our listings). Their property, if priced aggressively, will look fresh compared to the places that have been hanging around for months over-priced.

We are looking at one of our biggest months ever in property closings and purchase contracts this September. Please call us for consultation if you are buying or selling property.

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