Friday, August 20, 2010

The (real estate) market is just not that into you

Lately, my partner and I have been getting a lot of calls from potential home sellers that really don't know where they stand. We also get a lot of calls from folks listed for sale on the market with another agent... and the home is not selling. They want to know WHY.

Unfortunately, we are more Doctor Phil than Realtors these days when bringing the straight dope; the market is just not that into you. Sometimes, just like in relationships there may be some solutions so you may cut the chord and sell that property!

We go the distance (and risk losing home sale listing opportunities) by making sure clear expectations are set in the beginning. We want you to know the price and effort it will take to sell your home... from the beginning. We price to get top dollar, which is not over-pricing and "see what happens". That is a recipe for frustration and wasted opportunity. We don't "go there".

We know many want to sell but can't afford to. Even in these cases, the sellers need to know the true situation and their options so they may plan accordingly. Every situation is different and we offer strategy for each separate case.

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