Thursday, August 26, 2010

House of the Week: Craftsman demands attention in Lincoln Square 60625

This show-off is located at 4823 N Bell, Chicago, IL 60625 in the Lincoln Square neighborhood. The four bedroom, three bath home with plenty of extra nooks and crannies just sold to it's new owners June of 2009 for $763,000... in just one week on the market. It's hard to walk into one of the adjacent gray and beige siding homes everyday with this beauty as your neighbor.

The house pops! I had to stop and take photos on our way to Gene's Sausage Shop. The wide eaves, square pillars, deep porch... check, check and check. This photo does not do justice to the fantastic paint colors, patterns and overall condition of the house.

The home is just a couple blocks north of awesome retail and public festivals and a couple blocks south of Winnemac Park. Good looks and great location, you can't ask for more.


Matt Maldre said...

wow. $763,000. wow. I live in one of the apartment buildings on this block, and it's a very lovely block. But $763,000? wow.

Eric Rojas said...

It's a sizable number, but considering in the immediate area (Montrose to Foster, Ashland to Western) the median closing price of a single family home in the last 12 months was $635,000, $736,000 is not out of whack for a gut renovation on a standard lot.

21 homes sold for more then this in the area boundaries I describe above...frame and brick houses, renovations and new construction alike.