Thursday, August 19, 2010

Three mid-century modern homes in Budlong Woods, Peterson Woods Chicago: Part I

The Before! Photo from taken in 2006.

After photo taken on my Blackberry. I've gone by these houses dozens of times and never have my camera!

The above home at 2956 W Bryn Mawr uses "A frame" like construction to achieve the lofted great room effect popular with this mid-century modern home buffs. The owners have painted or replaced the wood siding (or synthetic...can't remember) for a real cool design effect. Bushy evergreens were torn out and replaced my lighter, sharper "California" landscaping that resembles dessert or beach homes of the posh west. The home sold to it's current owners in 2006 for $568,000. Not too bad, but values have come down so any improvements to the home may get eaten up by the market... who cares, why sell this?

Although the city of Chicago has it's share of expensive modern new construction, it seems but a wee handful of accessible, affordable mid-century modern original single family homes are within reach.

Not so famous are three homes along West Bryn Mawr Avenue in Chicago's Budlong Woods/ Peterson Woods neighborhood that fit the mid-century modern bill. They are affordable relative to Lincoln Square single family homes and add just enough coolness to set them apart from the dominate Chicago bungalows, Colonials, Queen Ann and American four squares. I wish there were more choices for these home designs in greater Lincoln Square and Ravenswood neighborhoods just to the south...and closer to downtown than North Park. This is Part I of the three homes along Bryn Mawr.

Alas, I bought a bungalow and will have to "cool up" the facade with some exterior design elements like the face paneling above and landscaping. It will look awesome!

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