Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Front door replacement = money!

We love front doors here at The Local and this beauty at 855 W Belden in Lincoln Park makes the sale before walking in.

While perusing one of my industry rags, I read some data on average return on investment for certain remodel or replacement projects. The average steel entry door replacement with a cost of $1,218 will have a resale value of $1,243 (or 102% of the investment!).

The data was collected by Remodeling magazine and reported by Realtor magazine. The moral: Many "first impression" replacement items like doors, siding, windows and vi sable kitchen finishes in moderate price ranges will help a sale and bring back a higher percentage of investment.

The numbers also show the average "major mid range" kitchen remodel in Illinois was $60,000...ouch! The "minor" remodel was $20,000. If you're paying that, I have a bridge in San Francisco I can also sell you.

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