Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Video: Chicago Bungalow sales in Ravenswood

Click here to view closed MLS sales sheets for 2010 Ravenswood Bungalows

Although there is a good number of classic brick Chicago Bungalows represented in the Ravenswood neighborhood of Chicago, we only saw three change hands and close in 2010. According to our local MLS records (and my anecdotal experience in the neighborhood) the following Chicago Bungalows sold within the approximate neighborhood boundaries of West Montrose to West Foster and North Clark to North Western Avenue (a good sized neighborhood area that includes parts of what folks consider the Lincoln Square neighborhood):

2219 W Foster for $219K (a home needing a gut rehab on busy Foster Avenue)

2224 W Winona for $425K (a large bungalow with full second floor, over sized lot and in need of much renovation)

2220 W Winnemac for $642K (a large bungalow fully renovated with full second floor and highly upgraded kitchen)

Here's a quick look at a brick bungalow "dominant" street in Ravenswood

It appears there is more than one way to "skin a cat" (no offense to cat owners). Low, middle, or higher end. Few bungalows came on the market in this area over the last several years. However, they remain good sellers when they do become available. The construction and condition is a little easier to evaluate than some of the old frame homes. In my experience, the brick bungalows tend to be easier to customize and/or restore as their construction was more standardized and of better quality than many "chopped up" frame homes that had been adapted many times over through the years.

The Chicago Bungalow simply has many fans of the architecture and livability. This helps their sales and value much like fans of Lincoln Park row houses or city wide multi-unit greystones buildings help maintain those values.

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