Sunday, January 16, 2011

House of the Week: 1990s modern house in Lincoln Park

While viewing homes along West Belden Street in Lincoln Park this weekend we took a minute to admire this early 1990s custom built luxury single family home. It sits just off of West Belden on a tiny dead-end stretch at 2314 North Cambridge Avenue.

My client commented there are few windows in the front, but the north side of the home opens up with large windows looking onto its interior courtyard. We also like the bit of whimsy with the house numbers... and my client liked lighting fixtures framing the front door.

The original owner bought the 50' wide x 100' deep lot for $570,000 in 1991. As far as I can tell, they still own the house. Who would move from this location on such a unique street?! If built today, the modern architect may have chosen some wood or composite material cladding to break it up the stark facade and connect a little more with nature. However, this wholly concrete look was somewhat vogue in the early 1990s in Chicago. Here's a photo I took of another similar design built in 1991 located at 2474 N Lakeview (which sold for $4,000,000 in the beginning of 2010).

Whatever one may think of the house (I like it), it's a lesson in location, location, location. What a terrific little land purchase in this niche in eastern Lincoln Park. Not lost is how the home sits elbow to elbow with a period house more representive of Lincoln Park architecture after the Chicago fire. Howdy neighbor!

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