Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"We've seen everything": Chicago luxury rentals a premium

So far this season we've experienced a number of frantic relocating families looking for quality rentals in Chicago. With breadwinners taking transfers to the Midwest from the pricier coasts or sleepy Sunbelt states, well located rentals with room to accommodate a family of four or more are at a premium. When plentiful high-rise options are just too pricey, too small or not your family's style...choices get tight.

With a budget up to $5,000 a month, spacious town house or condo options are few in Lincoln Park, Old Town, Gold Coast, River North and near Loop locations (the most popular destinations for those relocating to Chicago). Renting a well conditioned single family home will start at $6,000 on the edges of Lincoln Park and move up quickly the closer in you get.

What will it take to lease this?

"We've seen everything else". We hear this a lot when showing our rental listings. Most are disappointed with the size, level of finish and number of home choices they get in their budget and preferred locations. It is difficult for incoming clients to judge value. We bring perspective to that. The logistics of finding an adequate rental and moving a family to another state is daunting. I feel relocating families overestimate their options. Several things can complicate finding the right rental situation in the budget:

1. Move in dates
2. Size and condition of a home
3. Location of the home
4. If a house or condo, will the owners try to sell in the next year?
5. Can you get more than a year lease?
6. How is the property managed?

Please call us when looking for a luxury or well finished rental for your family's needs or if you need to lease your home. We treat our leasing clients like our top residential purchase and sale clients; there is no difference in the level of service and due diligence. We do the ground work, show and market rental listings to reputable brokers and clients.

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