Thursday, February 24, 2011

Clients considering single family homes and town houses

You can go with this...

Or you can go with that...

We've had a few of our recent clients willing to consider town houses along with their single family home hunt. While they are willing to shift neighborhoods for the single family house (Lakeview, Northcenter, Lincoln Square), the town houses must be in top rated school attendance boundaries Like Abraham Lincoln in Lincoln Park or James G Blaine in Southport Corridor and have a low assessment (if any). Fee simple town house is best, but rare.

Single family homes are a lot of work, and for the the most part, town houses are less work. Outside of price and location I feel the commitment of single family home upkeep is many times the deciding factor for city dwellers buying a home. However, for many of us, the work we put into our single family homes (our castle, our "piece of the pie") is a labor of love. It's what we do! I mean, what would we do with all that spare time?

If you are looking in the $600,000 plus range for a single family home, you may also like some of the town house options that will afford you great locations with excellent schools in Lakeview and Lincoln Park. The $600,000 town house will get you a nicer finish level, good size, a master bath, a garage (in some cases two car garage) and good location near transit and...maybe your elementary school of choice. The $600,000 or below single family home may give you some of these things, but you'll most likely compromise on others.

Speaking of compromise; you can go with this or you can go with that!

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