Saturday, February 12, 2011

Home renovation tips: Crest Lighting in Lakeview

From time to time, we'll be pointing out "go to" real estate and home improvement resources

With a modest home renovation budget but "better than Home Depot taste", go to Crest Lighting at 3300 North Sheffield Avenue in the Lakeview neighborhood. They have great selection of in stock items (orders often take less than three weeks) and good prices.

I'm thinking of this pendant light over the guest vanity mirror. Under $100.00.

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Rosemary L. said...

I love Crest Lighting.
The people who work there are so knowledgeable its like going back in time when sales staff actually knew their products. Like the way Marshall Field's used to be back in the day.
We went in to buy some unusual light bulbs and several sales people joined in to help go through the books to find them.
I was embarrassed that the total of the bill was so small - I would have paid more just because I was so grateful we found those exotic bulbs as our kitchen had been almost plunged in darkness for weeks!