Monday, February 21, 2011

House of The Week: Southport Corridor farmhouse fits in

I snapped a shot of this home at West Addison and North Wayne in Lakeview's Southport Corridor last weekend. It stuck out from most newer construction from the past 10 years for the simple fact that it doesn't "stick out". When looking straight at the home from the front, you might think it's a 19th century farmhouse or two flat converted to a single family home.

The architect also did a great job "hiding" the large, expansive rear of the home. The house is taller than original structures, but the pitched roof and gable blends in nicely opposed to the powerful squared-off Georgian style you mostly see from new construction in the area.

Another advantage to this tasteful home is the fact you are a couple minutes walk to Julius Meinl Cafe on the next corner... this surely was not the case from your farmhouse in the 19th century!

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