Monday, February 07, 2011

House hunting: Single family homes in Oak Park

We stopped at the Turano Bakery store on Roosevelt Road for danish and coffee...looking at houses is hard work!

We were EVERYWHERE this busy weekend in real estate...including Oak Park. Clients of mine have a growing family and want to move from their Chicago condo to a single family home. With many of their friends and co-workers also living in Oak Park it has become the best option for their budget and work commutes.

We saw several "American Four Square" style homes that are prominent on many blocks of Oak Park.

Although close to the train stop, my client contemplates living this close to the highway shown just in the background.

Bob and I have been through renovations of old homes. Our clients are counting on us to help them make a good decision on which of these old homes is move-in quality and a good candidate for affordable renovations.

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Eddie said...

Nice post and cool pictures, nowadays it is really kinda hard to find a good house to move to, how easily you will adapt to the area is also important, especially when there is a whole family involved