Monday, February 28, 2011

Video: The most controversial new house in Northcenter

Maybe. At $2,699,000 asking 2216 W Grace is the second most expensive asking price in Northcenter and would possibly be the highest priced closing for a single family home in the neighborhood ever (if it catches over $2.5M). Before showing some single family homes to my clients in Roscoe Village Friday, I took a little video outside the almost completed new construction house that I seem to pass by about once a week now.

Well, almost new construction. The controversy is over the price and the fact the home was converted from the original six unit building... and that it has 12 bathrooms. Well, for 8000 sq/ft that's not too extravagant. Some in the neighborhood might not agree with the loss of population density and affordable housing in exchange for such a large and highly finished single family dwelling. However, there are many large and high end new construction homes in the neighborhood nearby. Most had been built after tearing down an existing single family home or two-flat.

Check out some more details of this house at YoChicago, including links and photos.

View a quick drive through Northcenter last year. We mention a lot of great amenities!

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