Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lakeview "Palatial Manor" now a short-sale at $1,449,999

1725 W Belle Plaine Avenue in far north Lakeview is now listed as a short sale at $1.5 million.  The stark castle-like brick extra-wide home has garnered attention in the past for it's unique and vast design in this North Side location dominated by frame Victorian and "Queen-Anne" style homes on leafy lots.  The homes are mostly original or renovated with a handful of new construction.

You can view the property photos here.

This is a green, leafy attractive area located between West Irving Park Road and West Montrose Avenues where Lakeview meets the Ravenswood neighborhood east of North Ravenswood Avenue.

Here are a few photos I took a while back of homes on the nearby blocks.
A nicely renovated house around the corner

Another luxury new construction home more traditional to the surroundings
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Eddie said...

This is NOT Lakeview, this is Uptown ... Maybe that's part of the problem?

Eric Rojas said...

This is located in Lakeview according to Midwest Real Estate Data LLC ( our MLS system). When you search the Lakeview code 8006, homes just north of Irving Park Road on both the west and east side of Ashland are in the Lakeview community area (8006) as opposed to Uptown (8003).

Some may even associate it with the Northcenter Community area just to the west (which I would point out to a buyer when describing this location). Or some associate it with the Ravenswood neighborhood rather than Uptown (Ravenswood neighborhood is mostly in the Lincoln Square Community Area but is alos in the Uptown code north of Montrose and east of Ravenswood.

The problems with selling the home are several and they don't have anything to do with confusion over location. The home's design (particularly the facade) has not been well receieved in my opinion, even when bought at the top of the market in 2007 for over $1.8 million. It was listed for resale for too much money in 2010 at $1.89 million.

Eventually, someone with a big family or someone that needs a double wide home for entertaining will but it over a million. It's a quiet location with nice homes all around it. The buyer will use the amenities, schools, transportation etc... of Northcenter to the west and Lakeview to the south.