Saturday, November 19, 2011

Story: Lincoln Park businesses brace for Children's Memorial Hospital move

 A good article by Tyler Davis at addresses the business impact of the Children's Memorial Hospital move.  It's a good primer on the hospital move and features some useful links to neighborhood groups involved.
Main campus building for Children's Memorial Hospital at Lincoln and Orchard.

The relocation and redevelopment of the Children's Memorial Hospital site is a concern in Lincoln Park any way you cut it.  My wife is a 10 year RN and now Director at the hospital.  My office is located a couple blocks away.  We've been going to the area restaurants, bars, booking holiday parties and using nearby services for many years due to the Children's location. Many employees also choose to live very close to the hospital as well and go to area businesses every day.

It will be years before new retail and residential housing adds population density. My wife and I will have new routines and visit more businesses in Streeterville and less in Lincoln Park as a result of the hospital move. The hospital has had a large impact on the residents, employees and businesses and it is really an unknown how its absence will impact each individual.

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