Friday, November 18, 2011

Wright's Gold Coast "love shack" gone for good

Only a birdhouse now remains at 25 East Cedar. Workers repair the adjacent property brick.

We've been posting updates and photos of the significant property at 25 East Cedar in the Gold Coast.  The home was associated with Frank Lloyd Wright.  Not that he designed the late 19th Century coach house it, but it's mentioned as a place he shacked up a bit. The existing structure has now been torn down completely despite some speculation that some of the facade may be retained.

More significant in our eyes is the fact that someone snapped up this "location of all locations" at 25 East Cedar for about $1.5 million early this year and is now building a custom home in the heart of the Gold Coast.

Here are the photos we've taken over the past 6 months.

Birdseye view of 25 East Cedar deconstruction

The lot at 25 East Cedar lot is prepped for construction

An homage to Wright has been erected in the parkway of 25 East Cedar

LOCATION! Steps from Mariano Park, Carmichael's and Gibson's.  Oh, and the lake too.

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