Monday, November 14, 2011

Northcenter's most controversial home now a foreclosure

Once offered early this year at almost $3 million, this single family home at 2216 West Grace is now a foreclosure sale offered at $2.1 million.

2216 W Grace is a converted 6 unit building to a single family home.

Watch our video of 2216 W Grace here. Maybe the most infamous house built in Northcenter in recent memory, this former 6 unit building turned palatial single family home is now offered as a foreclosure sale (REO) for $2.1 million. Although the recent single family home market has done very well in Northcenter, some neighbors and folks around the  Internet took issue with this ambitious home and asking price.

Possibly the thought of 6 units turned into one house (and the 9.3 bathrooms) was a little much for the average neighbor.

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